Following the success of So-Fruit, Aiman Commercio Geral has launched Fruitila in 200 ml Tetra Pak. Our NPD team do...

Viva Milk

Viva is fresh milk packed in a UHT Tetra Pak. To retain the properties of freshness we have taken extra...


There’s a wrong myth about potatoes as one of weight gaining food. The first on diet actually cuts first thing from his diet is potatoes.


Aiman Commercio Geral’s launched Wafflo in June 2012. It will add to the color and taste of our ranges. Wafflo is a wafer biscuit and it will come in three flavors; Orange, Chocolate and Banana.

So-Fruit Juices

We started selling So-Fruit since the inception of company. We can proudly say that So-Fruit is one of highest priority juice in Angola.


Originating in South America, tomato is now almost native to all he countries. It’s a magical fruit which is sometimes confused as a vegetable.

  • So-Fruit Royal
  • So-Fruit Royal
  • So-Fruit Royal
  • So-Fruit Royal

So-Fruit Royal

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