Aiman Commercio Geral was found in 2004 in the capital city of Angola, Luanda. Luanda is also administrative capital of Angola. It is the most popular city and the largest seaport in Angola.

Aiman Commercio Geral is today, one of the fastest growing companies in one of the fastest growing economies of the world. Starting our operations from Angola, Aiman Commercio Geral has now successfully fixed its roots in South Africa.

We have plans to cover all the countries in Southern African region, and soon we’ll be entering into Northern African region, starting from Egypt and moving toward fastest growing economies of Nigeria.

We have strategic cooperation, co-packaging terms and distributorship with companies around the globe.




Vision/ Mission Statement

Vision Statement
Our vision is to become the market leaders and most preferred FMCG Company for the consumers.

Mission Statement
Our Mission is to start building our company image in the fastest growing economies of the world, drilling it down to other countries. Our Aim is to expand from region-by-region to country-by-country. Our goal is to cover entire Africa and in our strategic future perspective move to European, Asian and American Markets.



Our Team

We have diversified and one of the most diligent, skillful and talented team from all across the globe.

All our team comes from the background of exceptional education and professional experience & expertise.

We aren’t amongst the Fortune 500, but the pace at which we are expanding, soon we’ll become.





Ethics and Sustainability

As a member of human society, we have great emphasis on ethics and sustainability. Whether it’s ethics at works where all employees have to follow a code of conduct. They are also ensured that they do not get involved into activities or practices that are unethical.

In an era, where consumers are no more naïve any company cannot maintain stability if they are not balancing the triple bottom line and sustainability. At Aiman Commercio Geral, we have total faith on TBL and principles of Sustainability. We believe it’s our foremost duty to serve community and walk on CSR principles. We also believe, practice and promote activities that comply with nature.